The message a company aims to portray is getting lost in translation to 48% of the mainstream media, according to a recent study conducted by Burson-Marsteller.

The firm conducted a Message Gap Analysis study on 158 messages from 16 Financial Times Global 100 companies.

The US showed a 45% gap between the message a company wants to portray and the message the mainstream media portrays. Globally, Latin America had 53%, Europe 40% gap and Asia-Pacific had 58%.

The gap widened when it came to company messages and bloggers. The US showed a 76% gap, Latin America showed a 82%, Europe had 59% and Asia-Pacific had 63%.

“Messages that were transparent and tied back to brand essence were better represented than messages with aspirational language,” said Ashley Welde, director of research at Burson.

Bloggers, Welde said, are a new area for companies to navigate and tend to be independent and insert more opinion.

“You have to be transparent with them because bloggers are really going to dig," she said. "You are better off being up front."

Welde said Burson is using the methodology with clients for tracking purposes and will go back months later to check and see if there is a change in the way the media is portraying a message.

“It's a way to quantify an aspect of communication that was only looked at in a qualitative way,” she said.


Portada Staff

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