Last week at our LatAm Summit, Beth Uyenco, Global Research Director at Microsoft Advertising, presented a study about internet user behavior. Here is the second part of the results.

Among the use of internet, Communications is the largest motivation with 54% share of the internet use in Brazil and 53% in Mexico. In second place we can find Information with 34% in Brazil and 29% for Mexico, and in third place, Entertainment with 22% in Brazil and 27% in Mexico.

As we can see, Mexicans are more motivated by entertainment than Brazilians. On the other hand, Brazilians have more interest in using internet for information.

Beth Uyenco said at the Portada LatAm Summit last week that “Unlike all other countries, communication is slightly more male in Brazil and Mexico”.

The activity carried out on internet was planned in advance in developed countries. 79% of the activity was planned in advance. In Brazil, 63% of the activity was planned according to the survey and Mexico has 56% of planned activity on the net.

Brazilians trend to be more routine than Mexicans. This is a characteristic of a more mature web market.

The usages of internet by different devices doesn´t change the motivations order. We can see an important use of mobile internet for communication in Mexico with 52%, meanwhile Brazilians use less internet for communication by cell phones (35%).


Portada Staff

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