Despite the growth of Facebook in Latin America, Orkut is the most visited social network in Brazil. However, Facebook could soon take pole position, according to a new report released by internet analysts comScore.

Google owned Orkut was the most popular social network in Brazil, whereas Facebook topped the charts throughout the rest of the region and the majority of the world. 

According to the report Orkut received 35.7 million visitors in Brazil over the month of June 2011, representing an increase in growth of 20 percent from last year.  On the other hand, Facebook experienced a phenomenal growth rate of 192 percent, or 24.5 million visitors, in over the same period. The third and fourth most popular social networking sites in the country were Windows Live Profile and Twitter, with 14.6 million and 12 million visitors in June 2011, respectively.

An analysis of cross visitation between the two sites shows that 21.1 million people visited both Orkut and during June 2011. This demonstrates that many consumers are adding to their existing social networking portfolio, but may not be ready to choose one brand over the other as their primary social network.

Orkut visitors are still far more engaged compared to Facebook visitors, highlighting Orkut’s history as the social networking leader in this market. An average visitor to Orkut spent 4.3 hours on the site in June 2011, while a visitor to spent 1.6 hours during the month. Visitors age 15-24 averaged the most time on both Orkut (5.5 hours) and (1.8 hours).

Source: comScore Report: "The Rise of Social Networking in Latin America"


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