Todobebé, the multi-media company dedicated to the adventures of parenting, gathered key consumer insights about its U.S. Hispanic Mom audience via its latest ¡Viva la Familia! Fiesta research panel. The 2008 panel consisted of approximately 9,000 moms across 43 states, recruited through the ¡Viva La Familia! multi-media marketing program targeting Spanish-speaking moms with children 0 to 5 years old in the home.

These results provide a window into the Hispanic Mom market, women who make up 1 out of 4 new moms in the United States today and 80 billion dollars in consumer purchases a year.

A few highlights of the survey panel are listed below:

Panel participant demographic breakdown:

* 73%        Spanish-dominant or Spanish-preferred

* 79%        Married

* 48%        Full-time moms

* 61%        Pregnant or planning a pregnancy

* 88%        At least one child living in the home

* 63%        At least one child under the age of 3

* 58%        At least one child between ages 3-5


Panel participant media & digital usage & preferences:

* 66%        Get parenting information on TV

* 75%        Get parenting information on the Internet

* 87%        Visit the Internet frequently

* 58%        Have a broadband Internet connection

* 66%        Know how to upload photos and videos


Panel participant social behaviors & spending:

* 73%        Shop most frequently at Walmart

* 78%        Host at least one party or family event per year

* 76%        Spend more than $100 on their party


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