Provider of all-digital television, high-capacity data, and voice services to residential, business customers and service providers, announced that it has renewed a contract with Olympusat, Inc. to carry Cine Mexicano, La Familia Cosmovision & Latele Novela Networks as part of RCN's MiVision Hispanic themed content packages.

The three channels are part of RCN's MiVision package, which includes 30 Spanish-language channels offering sports, movies, news, music, lifestyle, educational programs and country of origin. The three channels are:

— Cine Mexicano is the premier TV channel offering original movies from Mexico as well as U.S. content developed by a group of culturally-relevant and leading Mexican-American producers. It offers contemporary, commercial-free movies that include comedy, action, thrillers and more.

— La Familia Cosmovision is a Hispanic network created to entertain the entire Hispanic Family. According to the network, it honors traditional Hispanic family values and reflects the diversity of each Hispanic culture. La Familia provides family-friendly programming that parents find safe for their children to watch 24/7 and is primarily targeted to urban Hispanics, ages 25-49, as well as kids, teens, and older viewers.

— Latele Novela (LN) is the first premier national TV network dedicated entirely to telenovelas in Spanish for the U.S. Hispanic market.

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