RCN Introduces Cable TV Offering Aimed at Hispanics

RCN Corporation, a cable, internet and phone service provider, announced that it is rolling out a series of cable TV channel packages – under the label “MiVision,” or “My Vision” – designed to provide a custom fit to the viewer's content preferences. The program will be available to customes in New York, Boston, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

The available packages are as follows: A “Variety Package” featuring an array of channels covering movies, art, soap operas, and news; a “Countries Package” that includes six leading LatAm channels; a “Kid's Package” providing family content; and a “Sports Package” featuring leading world sports channels.

RCN will also be offering 13 Spanish-language channels hitherto unavailable to RCN customers, in effect doubling the number of Spanish-language channels offered by the company.

The company is also offering On-demand content as well as bundling options with RCN's international and domestic phone services.