RANKING: The 10 Most Visited Video Platforms by US Hispanics

Which are the most popular video platforms among U.S.-Hispanics? What type of content do they prefer? What is their order of priorities? We give you the answers to these questions according to comScore‘s December 2016 report.

84% of Hispanic users who consumed video content at the end of 2016 did so through Google sites, which put Google in first place.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, U.S., Hispanic All, Home and Work, December 2016, Video Type: Total Total Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet: Hispanic All 31.313
Top 10 Video Properties
1 Google Sites 26.246
2 SpotX Video Advertising Platform 16.834
3 AOL, Inc. 14.347
4 BrightRoll Platform 13.930
5 Facebook 9.889
6 Tremor Video 8.925
7 Yahoo Sites 8.689
8 Teads 8.501
9 Viant 8.489
10 VEVO 7.183

There is a strong presence of specialized online video advertising platforms on the list: so many, in fact, that they could have their own ranking. In terms of unique visitors, this is how each of them performs:

  • SpotX (54% unique visitors)
  • BrightRoll (44% unique visitors)
  • Tremor Video (29% unique visitors)
  • Teads (27% unique visitors)
  • Viant (27% unique visitors)

Although these aren’t the only platforms within the ranking that provide online advertising services, they are different because they were built to connect media and advertisers (while other platforms focus on the user and his content-consuming experience).

Users’ favourite sites are AOL and Yahoo (during December 2016 they attracted 46% and 28% of all unique visitors, respectively.).

Facebook, which came in at number five, was chosen by 32% of users when watching online video.

Finally, VEVO, the platform for music videos managed by Universal Music and Sony Music, attracted 23% of the unique visitors.