Quepasa and Grupo Expansion Partner Under New Reseller Agreement for Quepasa DSM

 Quepasa Corporation, creator and operator of the popular online social network for the Latino community, Quepasa.com, has signed a reseller partnership agreement with Grupo Expansión for the company's distributed social media advertising platform, Quepasa DSM.

Grupo Expansión, a division of Time Inc., is one of Mexico's premier media companies, with 16 print magazine titles and seven Internet sites, including CNNExpansión.com, MedioTiempo.com, Quién.com, Metroscubicos.com, Chilango.com, and Idconline.com.mx. Under the new reseller agreement, Grupo Expansión will offer Quepasa DSM to its advertiser base in Mexico, which reaches a total of 11 million readers and users monthly.

Quepasa DSM is a proprietary Internet advertising software platform that promotes highly viral advertising campaigns across major social networks. It engages users via sweepstakes or contests, and leverages the simple use of viral widgets and sharing tools to spread the campaign message. This results in personalized advertisements and brand messages received from friends and family, which has a greater impact upon a viewer than other forms of Internet ads.

"Our advertisers have been asking how we can advertise for them across the Social Web," said Miguel Ramírez, Interactive Director of Grupo Expansión. "With Quepasa's DSM, we now have the answer. We're excited to present this unique advertising solution to our customer base and help them execute successful social media-based viral campaigns."

The partnership marks the second reseller agreement for Quepasa since it introduced the unique Internet advertising platform a little more than a year ago, and follows more than $7.3 million in DSM campaigns it has successfully implemented so far this year.

While the recently announced partnership with Sony Pictures Television Ad Sales represented the first integrated, cross-media platform expansion of Quepasa DSM, the agreement with Grupo Expansión represents the first traditional print-to-digital cross-platform opportunity for the new social media advertising solution.

John C. Abbott, CEO of Quepasa, commented: "Our partnership with Grupo Expansión is another validation point for our distributed social media advertising solution, and certainly a huge opportunity to expand the reach of our DSM offering to advertisers in Latin America."

Key elements of the reseller agreement include:

  • Grupo Expansión will resell Quepasa's proven online advertising solution to its Mexican advertising clients as part of an integrated print/digital ad package.
  • Grupo Expansión will be able to include Quepasa DSM as part of an integrated sponsorship opportunity for its advertisers, which would provide print advertising linked to online promotions powered by Quepasa DSM.
  • Promotions sold by Grupo Expansión can be embedded in Grupo Expansión's online properties as a "Powered By Quepasa" iFrame, so it can promote and drive traffic to the Quepasa DSM offering.
  • Grupo Expansión will benefit from the strong, viral-driven growth of Quespasa.com's user base, which continues to reach record levels. In November, Quespasa.com averaged more than 75,000 new users daily versus 66,000 in October. Sign-ups increased by nearly 2.3 million during November, pushing Quepasa.com past a key threshold of 25 million registered members.

"We expect Grupo Expansión and their customers across Mexico to benefit immensely from this proven DSM product that continues to gain traction with advertisers and brands seeking to deliver their brand message across all social media properties," added Abbott. "We see this offering becoming increasingly attractive and effective for our DSM clients and resellers as we continue to roll out new social gaming initiatives over the coming months."