Quattro Wireless Targets Hispanics

You may not have heard of Quattro Wireless, but if you’ve found yourself at Univision’s mobile site—Univisionmovil.com— you’re familiar with their work. That’s because the Massachusetts-based company built-out the online giant’s mobile destination.

Vice President of Business Development Lars Albright tells Portada, “We take care of all of their ad-serving, ad-sales and analytics. The ad-sales is actually a collaborative effort, but so far, we’ve sold all of the ads.” Mobile advertisers on Univision’s site have included P&G and Hispanic mobile dating site PlutoLife.

Although unable to discuss specifics, Quattro’s Chief Technology Officer Eswar Priyadarshan did say that Univisions site is serving “many millionsof impressions per month.”

“Since we launched the Univision project, we’ve had quite a lot of interest from other companies,” says Albright. “All of the wireless carriers are very interested in targeting the Latino community, and Univision is a great venue through which to do it.  It’s a great demographic—nicely segmented, with great responsiveness to call-to-action ads.”

Quattro is currently working exclusively with Cricket Wireless, a provider of low-rate data plans, but has begun speaking with other carriers, as well.

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