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Puerto Ricans’ Have a Higher Direct Mail Response Rates, according to Study

And over-index in online usage.


November 13, 2006

Puerto Ricans' Have a Higher Direct Mail Response Rates, according to Study

A full 75% of adults of Puerto Rican descent read direct mail, according to a just-released survey entitled Vertis Customer Focus 2007: Opiniones.

Approximately 71% of all Hispanics read direct mail, and Puerto Ricans rate highest among all of the subgroups. Scott Marden, director of market research for Vertis, speculated that the reason that Puerto Ricans index higher is because they are more likely to speak English in the home, and be receptive to English language direct mail than the average Hispanic family. As a result, Marden suggested that advertisers look at bilingual messaging to reach those Hispanic segments that do not possess strong Englsih speaking skills.

The survey of 500 Spanish-speaking and 500 English-speaking Hispanic adults found that while only 58% of Hispanics who speak Spanish in the home read direct mail, 70% of those who do respond to it. The following chart marks the other differences between those Hispanics that speak English at home and those who speak Spanish at home.

Spanish speakers who speak:


Went to Sender's Website

Went to Nearest Location

Called 800 Number

Email Reply

English at Home



Spanish at Home



Source: Vertis Communications

A new report released by Miami-based Media Consulting Group emphasizes Puerto Ricans as an important emerging Onlinemarket-force. The report points out that with 3.9 million Puerto Ricans now living in the U.S., they number more on the mainland than on their native island, where about 3.8 million currently reside. They also constitute the largest U.S. Hispanic sub-group behind Mexicans.

The report also revealed that over half of all U.S. Puerto Ricans – approximately 2 million – are online, while in Puerto Rico that number is closer to one-quarter of them.

The report also found that Puerto Ricans led the U.S. Hispanic population in-home internet access, at 53% vs. 38.1% and high-speed internet access, at 18.4% vs. 12.4%.

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