A California-based company named Provision Interactive has signed agreements to install its custom 3D kiosks in independent Hispanic grocery stores throughout the state:

“Our 3DEO kiosks will initially be going into Hispanic grocery stores, not Albertsons or A&P or other ‘mainstream’ store chains,” says Curt Thornton, President and CEO of Provision. “We’ve signed a total of 47 so far in the greater LA area, where we’ll be placing the kiosks at or near the front entrance as they enter the store.  We want to provide value driven, money saving promotions to consumers as they enter the store so they can save money via coupons, discounts, sweepstakes or other point-of-sale incentives that are either inside their local store or in their local neighborhood.  Meanwhile, they’ll get a chance to have fun with our 3D holographic ads which again, will be targeted to the products in and around the store by the manufacturers supplying products and services.”

The ads will appear in either Spanish or English, depending on the advertiser’s preference. Provision will be working with several agencies as well as working with a few advertisers directly.

Production of the 3-D ads can be done by Provision, the agency, or the client themselves. The client and agency typically will do a storyboard and design layout for what they want to accomplish, and in a lot of cases Provision may be the production department.  However, Provision leaves the creative aspects to the agency and the client as they know the brand and message they want to convey.

Thornton says that the company will continue to add Hispanic grocery stores in the greater Los Angeles area and ultimately throughout the state of California. They will also be announcing several thousand additional locations that will be predominately Hispanic convenience stores in 2009.

In terms of cost, Thornton tells Portada, you’ll find that the CPM rates for digital out-of-home are very competitive when compared to print or online, especially when you consider things like coupon redemption rates inside retail stores versus print or online coupons.

Advertisers on Provision’s network include Coca Cola and other Fortune 500 companies.


Portada Staff

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