Prisa Brand Solutions Launches Publisher Trading Desk

What: Prisa Brand Solutions is introducing a publisher Trading Desk to better monetize its audiences in the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America and Spain. The new Trading Desk will be operated out of Prisa’s central hub in Madrid, Spain, for Local, National and International campaigns and out of Miami for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market, Gonzalo Ochoa Abal, Managing Director Americas at Prisa Brand Solutions tells Portada.
Why it matters: While many global publishers  like Conde Nast, the Washington Post and the Guardian have had their own trading desks for several years, this is the first trading desk established by a media company (publisher)  in the Spanish-speaking world. Trading desks set up by agencies ,e.g. Havas’s Affiperf, and  WPP’s Xaxis)  can often charge high spreads (between the price they buy digital ad inventory for and the price they sell it for). That  is why publishers have an incentive to bypass the middleman.

ezc2aevu_400x400Prisa Brand Solutions is introducing the first Publisher Trading Desk in the  Spanish-speaking world.. The publisher trading desk will enable to scale the digital business of Prisa using enriched data and to strengthen positioning of the group around two pillars of the digital economy: scale and data. The new platform is based on the strategic partnerships with Google and Appnexus, both companies are providing the DSP (Demand Side Platform) technology.

Prisa Brand Solutions will work with its own trading desk from now on, but will continue providing its inventory to major trading desks like Xaxis and Affiperf, Gonzalo Ochoa, Managing Director Americas at Prisa Brand Solutions, tells Portada. “We intend to complement the offering based on propietary data to agencies and brands,” Ochoa adds.

Prisa Brand Solutions, the ad sales unit  in Spain and Miami of Grupo Prisa, which owns digital properties including El Paí, the sports news site and the radio station , aims to to enable advertisers and agencies to reach its audience via the new trading desk, within a safe environment and significantly improve the ROI of their campaigns. Prisa Brand Solutions will add media properties, not owned by Grupo Prisa, to the inventory of its own trading desk, Ochoa notes.

“The technological transformation of media and advertising demands a continuous development of new business models that deliver competitive advantages…” says Ignacio Soto, Chief Revenue Officer of Grupo Prisa. “International media groups, like The Guardian, have clearly developed similar models. We are determined to maintain our leadership position in sales innovation and develop new models that yield a more efficient monetization of our audiences”.

This is one more step of the Sales Innovation Strategy initiated in 2015 by Prisa Brand Solutions with a programmatic premium platform, yield management and native advertising.

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