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UPDATE: Prisa Brand Solutions Buys Latam Digital Ventures at a US $5 Million Valuation

Prisa Brand Solutions, parent company of Prisa Digital, has acquired digital media sales house Latam Digital Ventures (LDV). Prisa wants to accelerate LDV's current capabilities with a globalization plan to cover new markets such as Colombia, Argentina and Chile.


What: Prisa Brand Solutions, parent company of Prisa Digital, has acquired digital media sales house Latam Digital Ventures (LDV) from French digital media company Adux and Guiliano Stieglitz. The acquisition strengthens Prisa Digital’s position in the U.S. and Mexico. Prisa wants to accelerate LDV’s current capabilities with an expansion plan to new markets such as Colombia, Argentina and Chile. Update: Adux announced that it sold its 60% stake in LDV  for 2.5 million euros, or approximately US $3 million. This values 100 per cent of LDV at US  $5 million.
Why it matters:
The purchase of Latam Digital Ventures by Spanish group Prisa is a new step in the consolidation in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American digital space. In 2015, French company HiMedia Group, now called Adux, and Giuliano Stiglitz bought Orange Advertising Americas, a unit of telco company Orange, whose assets became part of Primia Digital.

Prisa Brand Solutions, the parent company of Prisa Digital, has acquired digital media sales house Latam Digital Ventures (LDV), formed by Primia Digital and Fullscreen in Mexico, and Primia Digital and Mobvious in the U.S. UPDATE: AdUX held 60% of LDV alongside with its manager Giuliano Stiglitz who owned 40%. In 2016 Latam Digital Ventures had annual revenues of approximately US $ 10 million. 

With this acquisition, Prisa aims to accelerate LDV’s current capabilities with an ambitious globalization plan that will allow it to cover new markets such as Colombia, Argentina and Chile, as well as enhance its business offerings with new services such as native advertising and digital audio, thus achieving a diversified and complete product portfolio in all the major markets.

Giuliano Stiglitz will stay on as CEO of Latam Digital Ventures, leading the growth of its current business and boosting the planned expansion efforts, and will work with Chechu Lasheras, General Manager of Digital Revenues at Grupo Prisa, to ensure its successful integration and synergy with the group.

LDV has been able to develop an attractive digital advertising offering in different areas such as programmatic display, video and mobile, as well as obtain a solid position in the Mexican and US Hispanic markets thanks to its sales team, the quality of the media it represents, the innovative advertising formats it develops, and the applied technology it uses to optimize the processes and results of its managed campaigns.

Prisa expands its Sales Muscle in the Americas

“For the Prisa group, this acquisition is a foundation upon which to expand our digital sales capabilities in the Americas in disciplines that require specialization, such as programmatic display, mobile or video, and will accelerate our acquiring of talent, resources, and solutions to help us consolidate our position in the region and be able to provide our advertisers with a comprehensive service of maximum efficiency wherever they need it, and always within the secure context of premium audiences “, said Ignacio Soto, Chief Revenue Officer of Grupo Prisa. Prisa owns and operates digital properties like sports site, which has a U.S. edition,  and newspaper site El Pais have a substantial following in the Americas.

Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO of Latam Digital Ventures, added that “being acquired by a benchmark group such as Prisa is undoubtedly a success derived from the excellent execution we have demonstrated since our launch. We believe that we have a very distinctive offer, both in programmatic premium display and in mobile and video, which has allowed us to gain the trust of many premium sites and of the most relevant advertisers in the market. Together with the Prisa group, we will further strengthen our position, enabling us to visualize a tremendous potential for growth.”

UPDATE: Partnership for Native between Prisa and Adux

The sale of LDV to PRISA will bring important synergies to PRISA, given the large digital audience which LDV will be able to monetize, and also to AdUX through a commercial agreement over native advertising. Indeed, as a part of the deal, Prisa Brand Solutions and Quantum (AdUX subsidiary dedicated to native advertising) have signed a 2 years agreement under which Prisa Brand Solutions will use Quantum’s solutions to generate and monetize native advertising placements in Spain, Latin America and towards Hispanic audience in the USA.


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