High impact print advertising: Things that pop up, things that move, pictures that change “Our advertising has been described as advertising on steroids,” says Michael Dambra, VP of marketing for Structural Graphics, which he describes as a high impact print advertising solutions company.

The CT-based company was founded 31 years ago, and since then has specialized in using print advertising differently. “If you’ve ever been flipping through a magazine and had the page pop up at you or interact with you in an unconventional way, chances are, it’s our work,” says Dambra.

Structural Graphics has done work for a number of high-profile clients over the years.

“We did a run for McDonald’s a couple years ago, a portion of the 7 million pieces were translated into Spanish. Oftentimes the advertiser is looking at the media buy and doesn’t want to leave Hispanics out of the mix,” says Dambra.

More recently, the company did a direct mail piece for Telemundo promoting Zorro. The piece was done on something called “the Flapper,” interactive in that it is a series of curves and cuts that shows four different images.

“We like to say our work is paper that performs,” concludes Dambra.


Portada Staff

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