Pozo Digital Launches

In an effort to provide Hispanic advertisers, agencies and design firms with a wide range of stock photos “that reflect the true authenticity of the U.S. Hispanic experience,” long-time Hispanic advertising executive Guadalupe Marmolejo has announced the launch of Pozo Digital.

The company was created out of a perception that, currently, the market is dominated by a few large general market companies with limited Hispanic inventories. Ms. Marmolejo and her team are of the belief that they can deliver more relevant images to clients.

Among the website's notable features is a rights management tool that can restrict other advertisers' use of the image by certain criteria such as ad-category and medium. Another is that the user can switch from English to Spanish, or visa versa at any point in the browsing experience.

“One of the things that set Pozo Digital apart from the competitors is the carefully vetted selection of photos we offer,” says Marmolejo, who has had over 17 years of end-user experience working with stock imagery. “In that time I've developed a keen sense of what imagery rings authentic with Hispanic audiences. Another thing that makes us different is our current undertaking to develop a vast array of vintage photography from Latin America.”

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