Portada’s 2012 Annual Conferences kicked off yesterday with the Hispanic Mobile Marketing Forum. Attendees particularly enjoyed presentations by Tania Cameron, Associate Director CRM – Hispanic Segment, Kraft Foods and Elizabeth Elliott, Mobility Manager at Starcom.

Kraft’s Cameron explained how mobile marketing and advertising is integrated in Kraft’s Comida y Familia overall CRM programs. “The role of our mobile site is to be a companion and assistant at mealtime planning,” Cameron said. She described the way Comida y Familia builds its mobile opt-in database with a three pronged approach:

  • Organic
  • Mobile Ads
  • Call to action print ads in Comida y Familia Magazine

Jorge Rincon, CEO of Hispanic mobile ad network RedMas, characterized the novelty of the mobile medium when he said that “everyone in the audience has a smartphone that is less than 7 months old.”

Elizabeth Elliott, who manages Procter & Gamble’s Hispanic mobile strategy at Starcom, stated that “P&G has made an investment in the Hispanic mobile market”. Elliott described a recent Hispanic iPhone Advertising campaign by P&G’s “Gain” brand. Within a rich media environment, users had the opportunity to toggle between Spanish and English versions of the ad. Somewhat surprisingly 87% of users chose to see the English version of he ad.

Elliott emphasized that concepts like “social”, “gaming” and “video” should not be seen as a siloed pillars in a mobile marketing strategy.

How to monetize mobile?
Media owners present at the Forum said that their main challenge is to effectively monetize their mobile presence. In this context, Elliott noted that it is important to remember that “mobile is not digital on a smaller screen. Advertisers should not pay for impressions of standard digital ads seen from mobile platforms.” La Voz de Houston’s publisher Alejandro Sanchez said that it is a big challenge to get substantial revenues via the low CPM’s for digital and mobile impressions. He added that the opportunity lies in selling 360 media exposure via a sponsorship model. RedMas’ Rincon advised media properties to adopt a “freemium” model for their content sales, therefore allowing for an increase in subscription revenues.

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