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» Rojadirecta fights U.S. government.  Spanish sports-streaming site is fighting a U.S. government web seizure, paidcontent reports.
The company that owns Rojadirecta, Puerto 80, filed a formal letter of objection within a few days of the seizures, back in February. After Rojadirecta’s lawyers navigated a bizarre maze of bureaucracies, it ultimately engaged the government in negotiations, but those negotiations ended in a stalemate. “On May 26, 2011, following weeks of prolonged negotiations, the government rejected Puerto 80’s offers to compromise, and informed Puerto 80 that it would not agree to return the domain names unless Puerto 80 agreed not to host or permit its users to link to any U.S. content anywhere on its sites anywhere in the world,” the company’s petition states. The Rojadirecta website—still up at alternative domain names like—offers users a wide array of links to live and recorded sports matches, including many U.S. sports matches that don’t appear to be authorized for internet broadcast. However, in its court papers, Rojadirecta notes that it does not host or stream any material itself, and describes itself as “essentially an online discussion group” that “indexes links to streams of sporting events that can already be found on the internet.”  Rojadirecta is among the top 10 most visited sites in Spain with 865,000 unique users. Its traffic  has decreased by 30% since the U.S. governments web seizure.


» Hispanic pawnshop chain investment.  Private equity firm Advent-Morro recently announced that it is investing $5 million in pawnshop chain La Familia to support its expansion plans in Florida and Puerto Rico. “The investment in La Familia is a unique opportunity to invest in the fast growing pawnshop industry, where recently Governor Luis Fortuño signed a law that will strongly regulate the industry in favor of the consumer,” said Cyril Meduña, Advent-Morro founder and managing partner, referring to Law 23 that enforces the regulation of the pawnshop industry.La Familia was founded in 2009 by pawnshop industry veterans John Thedford and Woody Whitcomb in Orlando, Florida. The chain’s second location opened in Bayamón soon after. At present, La Familia has 18 stores, of which five are in Puerto Rico and the rest in Florida. Its expansion happened rather quickly, as La Familia capitalized on the availability of several retail locations formerly occupied by Blockbuster to establish more locations. La Familia employs a total of 158 people: 111 in Florida and 47 new positions in Puerto Rico filled in the past 12 months. Advent Morro is also an investor in Código Entertainment, a manager and distributor of one of the largest Latin Tropical Music Catalogs.


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