» Did you know that QuePasa, the trilingual, Latino social network, is the only publicly traded social network. Financial blog Seeking Alpha comments on this here. Among all the frenzy around Facebook, Foursquare and other social networks it is interesting to see that QuePasa is the only company investors can bet on in a public exchange. QuePasa’s membership has grown from 7.6 million members at YE 2009 to over 17 million members on July 31st 2010. Seeking Alpha’s reporter adds that “with most growing social networks valued between $20-50 per member, QuePasa has a long way to go to reach fair value.” We ask, however, are social networking valuations reflecting a bubble?

» Mormon owned media sympathetic to illegal immigrants. The Seattle Times reports that the Deseret Media Company, owned by the Mormon Church, is pushing for a more liberal embrace of illegal immigrants which has led to a collision between its editorial mission and its conservative, mostly Mormon, readers. Hispanics are the most populous minority group in the country — and they represent a vast potential constituency for the Mormon Church, which already has made considerable efforts to develop strong relations with Hispanic communities. Those efforts include, since February, a Spanish-language paper called El Observador.


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