» Tek Lado is a new tech magazine published in Philadelphia targeting Hispanics. According to Technically Philly, a news site covering technology, start ups and venture capital in Philadelphia, Tek Lado is a quarterly, bilingual geek culture magazine published in the Philadelphia region. Its main target audience are Hispanics who are geeks and gadget lovers who are Philadelphians.

With a circulation of 20,000, the 32-page inaugural issues will be distributed in honor boxes, cafes, bars, restaurants and waiting rooms throughout the region on Sept. 22, with plans to move to every other month in 2011. Funded by advertising and supported strictly by freelance contributions, the magazine will be free and pick-up only. Southwest Philadelphia-based Bartash Printing is bankrolling the project, a company that handles printing projects for others but didn’t have one of its own, until Tek Lado, which was first conceived in March. The publisher is Bartash’s own Mel Gomez. Liz Spikol, a former Philadelphia Weekly senior editor and columnist is the senior editor.

» The Palm Beach Post reports that Jorge Bravo, a 41 year old Cuban American has launched Hispanic Kitchen.com, an English-language social networking site touted as the digital equivalent of abuela’s kitchen table. It gathers the culinary traditions of Hispanic countries from Argentina to Cuba to Spain and serves up ideas and commentary along with rice and beans.

"I want to show people that Latin food is much broader than Mexican or Tex-Mex food,’ Bravo says. With the success of websites like General Mill’s Que Rica Vida and magazines such as  Comida y Familia. (Kraft) and Abasto, Mr. Bravo may be on to something.

» Moconews analyzes a recent Nielsen study according to which, Hispanics rank after African Americans as the ethnic groups that speaks over cell phones and texts the most. The data on texting? Hispanics send and receive around 767 messages a month while African-Americans send and receive around 780. But teens take the cake when it comes to sending texts. On average, teens 18 and under send 2,779 SMS messages a month.


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