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Portada Quick Hits: Google’s Latam ambitions, Reporting on Mexico Narco…

Some of the stories the Latin Advertising, Media and Content Worlds are talking about this week.


» An interesting article at the Poynter Institute’s website reviews the importance of minority ownership and management to audiences of digital media. In the light of the Huffington Post, now owned by AOL, plans to launch HuffPost GlobalBlack, a new black-oriented Huffington Post project, this is of particular importance. Should there be more Latino/Black writers in the general Huffpo site, should sites that target minorities be minority owned?  Impremedia’s Monica Lozano states that “What is the motivation? Is it to have a relationship and to be committed to quality and relevancy?” Lozano asked rhetorically in a telephone interview, directing her question at minority oriented ventures. “I want people to have a relationship with the communities they serve. … If you’re motivated not by serving your customers but by serving the advertisers, you end up making different choices. If it’s not core to what you do, it’s tangential … and when you don’t get the traffic on the Web,” you move on to something else, Lozano adds. Regarding, what media buyers think about minority preferences, read our own Media buying preferences: Does minority ownership matter?

»Reporting on Mexico Narco Violence.  Editor & Publisher writes about how an unreported war is being waged against journalists who dare to speak out. It particularly emphasizes on the noble struggle of El Diario de Juarez.

» Google Stats. Look at this great way of displaying Google stats. Google is at the center of the web, but did you know they make more per employee than Microsoft does? Or that they have over 1 billion video views per day?

» Google’s Schmidt Puts Social Media Chips On Brazil And Orkut To Fend Off Facebook. More on Google. Google CEO Erick Schmidt, who is soon to be re-deployed as chairman after founder Larry Page takes the reins in April, gave an interview over the weekend from Buenos Aires where he gave clues as to the search-giant’s new social media strategy in Latin America. Schmidt, speaking from Buenos Aires, highlighted that in its fastest growing region, Latin America, the progress of e-commerce, and Google’s social-networking success with Orkut, are helping to create one of the most dynamic and relevant markets worldwide.  Latin America only makes up 2% to 3% of Google’s massive $29.3 billion yearly revenues in 2010.

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