» Gonzalo Alonso, currently VP of Operations of Globant and former head of Google in all Spanish-speaking markets, recently wrote three articles in his blog that have risen a lot of controversy. Media buying agencies are not happy. Alonso describes, how Latin American media buying agencies and media placement firms increasingly asked media properties for “rebates” (so-called “commissions” for placing in media properties). Now clients are asking media placement firms to give them their money back. According to Alonso, this state of affairs is partly to blame for what, according to Alonso, is a difficult state of affairs in the Latin Marketing and Advertising world. Creative units, and creativity, have suffered the most as media buying and planning agencies have been paid much better than their creative counterparts.

The difference between editorial and advertising is getting even more blurred. As The Guardian writes, luxury brand company LVMH's new online magazine (called Nowness) promises to blur the lines between editorial and promotional content in a 'beautiful' way. The project will blend luxury brands with what LVMH is calling "information reference". The venture is the latest example of editorial and advertising converging in fashion as retailers become publishers themselves.

» New York’s Hispanic newspaper wars. New York daily NY al Dia, launched last spring as first reported by Portada, recently changed its name to NY de Día. The reason? Portada has known that Al Dia Philadelphia holds the right to the Al Dia name nationwide (apparently Al Dia Dallas owns a license from Al Dia Philadelphia for the Dallas/Ft. Worth market.)


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