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Some stories the Hispanic Marketing and Advertising World is talking about this week.

» Did the Huffpo get it all wrong?
The Huffington Post recently published an article on the “Rise and Fall of Spanish-Language Weekly Newspapers in California”, by Eduardo Stanley. The article refers to many Hispanic newspapers that have recently closed in California: “In late December, the Spanish-language newspaper El Sol, published by the Visalia Times Delta — a daily newspaper owned by Gannett — announced that it would close after eight years and a circulation of 15,000 weekly readers.” Well, only the Visalia edition closed, the article does not refer to the fact El Sol’s Salinas edition continues to be published with a circ. of 35,000. In addition, El Punto Semanal a weekly with a circulation of 150,000 was launched this quarter in Los Angeles. So, this is not so much of a “Fall of Spanish-Language weekly Newspapers in California”,  is it? BTW: today we report that The Houston Chronicle’s La Voz is increasing its circ. from 100,000 to 150,000…

» Analysts bullish on ABC-Univision deal
Analysts seem to be bullish bullish on a potential 24-hour English-language cable news channel aimed at acculturated Hispanics from top-rated Spanish language broadcaster Univision and ABC News. “It makes sense with more viewers migrating from broadcast to cable, to be able to do something like this on a national level,” says SNL Kagan senior analyst Derek Baine, adding that ABC News-parent “Disney has the leverage to get a new network launched while Univision has the brand name to pull it off,” told The Hollywood Reporter.

» Gorton's Seafood Launches Hispanic Microsite as Resource for Spanish-Speaking Consumers
Spanish-speaking seafood consumers now have a new resource to assist them in finding ways to get seafood on their plates twice a week, in accordance with the USDA’s MyPlate dietary guidelines. Gorton’s Seafood has launched a new Spanish-language microsite,, which features information about the company, its products, and family-pleasing recipes, as well as access to English coupons and electronic newsletters.


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