Portada Quick Hits: American Media, Content Farms, Spanish and/or Catalan in Catalonia?

» American Media Inc, (AMI)  the publisher of several magazines including Star, The National Enquirer, Shape, as well Hispanic magazine Mira!has undergone another financial restructuring that cuts its debt by a further $200 million, Folio reports. The publisher renegotiated and avoided bankruptcy in early 2009. Now it has struck an agreement with 90 percent of its bondholders that has them exchanging AMI’s bonds for equity in the form of AMI common stock.

Gone are the days when American Media placed an important bet on the Hispanic market. In 2004 we reported español. At the time, AMI was also publishing Shape en español (which folded in 2007) and Mira! The biweekly Hispanic magazine is currently the only Hispanic title published by AMI.  about American Media’s plans to introduce Fit Pregnancy en

» Content Farms are very hot. Content Farms are companies (e.g. Demand Media or Associated Content which recently was bought by Yahoo!) that produce article and multimedia content that ranks high on search engines and then sell it to publishers. Many analysts regard content farms as a competitor to news media outlets. Peter Berger, CEO of Suite 1010.com, argues in an interesting article in AdAge that content farms really compete with book publishers. According to Berger the nature of the articles produced by content farms are typically how-to pieces and feature articles that are not news driven. News media outlets excel at the latter.

» Spain’s Constitutional Court last week noted that Catalans have the obligation of knowing Castilian (Spanish) and that this supersedes their duty to know the Catalan language. The latter obligation is stated in the Estatut, a new body of law that was approved by the Catalonian People in 2008. Now Spain’s Constitutional Court pronounced itself about some aspects of the Estatut, including the language, which it does not deem constitutional. More about this in this article of Spanish newspaper El Mundo.