More than 400 executives from Latin America, US and Spain gathered at our Latin America Advertising and Media Summit at the JW Marriot Marquis in downtown Miami.

Country Focus: Brazil

Jimena Urquijo, VP of Business Development at Kantar Media started the agenda with the focus on what marketers and media need to know about Brazil, the world 6th largest economy and 5th most populous country. The opportunities and risks marketing to the Brazilian consumer.

Highlights of Jimena Urquijo’s presentation:

·         60% of middle class have access to the internet. 55% of middle class is under 34 years old.

·         The internet is fueling their aspirations.

·         Values and principles of family are important.

·         There are hurdles that need to be faced in education. 33% do not have primary education.

·         More use of credit card is increasing their purchasing power where one household can have up to four credit cards.

·         35% of women in C class are head of the family.

·         60% of C Class have made purchases on the internet in the last six months.

·         The internet for Brazilians is more about a meeting point and less about media. They connect through blogs and social networks.

·         Brazilians are very brand conscious and status symbols.

·         Projections of 13-37% growth in economy.

What International Advertisers need to know about the Brazilian Growth Juggernaut.

Julian Porras, CEO of OMD Latin America moderated the panel about Brazil’s growth.

Adriana Mendizabal, Global Marketing Executive for Latin America and Caribbean shared some of Visa’s marketing strategies for Brazil. 60% of Brazil’s transactions are cash. The gold is to drive conversion from cash to Visa with one of their campaign, “Cash Is Past, Go with Visa.”

Visa sponsors many soccer events because of Brazil’s passion for the sport. One of their social media campaigns was a Karaoke contest via You Tube videos in which the winner was awarded with a prepaid Visa card worth 15,000 reales.

Paulo Castro of Terra Brasil said that their site has 70 million visits to their website every month. 53% are Class C Brazilians and expect 120 million by 2014 and 150 million by 2016. While 45% of Class C are internet users, Brazil is still a TV country with 90% usage.

Mark Lopez of Google Brazil expects online growth to be 25%. The World Cup and Olympics in Brazil helps to bring attention to the market. 90% of their display dollars flow through agencies to bring innovation in the marketplace. Search engine marketing is a unique opportunity for Brazil.

SPOTLIGHT ON FINANCE/PRIVATE EQUITY: Opportunities for Ventures Targeting Global Latin Audiences 

Gaston Taratuta, CEO of IMS, moderated the panel. Drew Meyers, Partner at Group Argent stated that the venture capital money raised for Latin America and Hispanic market was $5.6 billion and 8.1 billion in 2010, alone for emerging market funds. This was an increase of 15% from 2009. Despite the growth, Drew Meyers said Latin America is not as attractive for venture capital due to liquidity, but still is a land of opportunity.

Jose Vargas, President of Health Holdings stated: “Capital leaves emerging markets and comes back later.” Highlights of his presentation for getting venture capital:

·         Get more selective to create value.

·         Be able to develop product.

·         Be able to execute your plan and deliver the product.

Paul Westhorpe, head of Prisa Radio looks for assets in Social Networking. They see it as a huge market and focus on smaller companies.

Speed Dating

After all these informative panels, we had our “Speed Dating: Meet The Buyers” session where table leaders met informally with attendees to make connections and answer questions.

Attendees talked to leading executives in 20 speed dating tables: Anjanette Correa, OMD Buying Director, Luis Casas, Director of Marketing and Communications Recruiting, Florida International University, Franklin Vargas, VP Sales & Marketing Latin America, Canyon Tech, Jorge Gonzalez (picture), Head of Marketing Central America, Caribeean and Venezuela, Nokia, Luis Guardia, Marketing Manager Latin America, Ecuador, Venezuela & Caribbean, Samsung, Diego Teran, Managing Partner, MEC, among others!

And finally, our welcome reception sponsored by Google with food and drink and more networking made this day a great success!

Watch the 2011 Portada Highlights – Day 1!


The 2012 Latam Advertising and Media  Summit is going to take place on June 6-7, 2012 in Miami. With the 2011 edition's attendees feedback in mind, Portada is working on providing  even more quality content, refined networking opportunities and some surprises!


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