Poder, the magazine targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American business elite is adjusting its strategy with new content and an expanded distribution.

From the August issue onwards the publication will be called Poder Enterprise and its U.S. Hispanic circulation will grow from 55,000 to 125,000. Poder Enterprise will be published 10 times a year. Nicolas Ibargüen, publisher of Poder Enterprise, tells Portada that the Hispanic Enterprise (formerly called Hispanic Trends) will cease to exist as a stand-alone magazine and will now be published as a section of Poder Enterprise. “Our content is going to grow in scope with this new section. We are not only going to talk about the business elite but also about up-and-coming entrepreneurship.” Ibargüen expects Poder Enterprise to have 100 plus pages.

Hispanic Enterprise's distribution partnership with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is going to continue with Poder Enterprise being distributed in Hispanic Chamber’s of Commerce nationwide.

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a small revenue share in Poder Enterprise.

“This makes a lot of sense we are reaching a broader market. We are getting new advertisers that used to advertise in Hispanic Enterprise like Land Rover”, Ibargüen adds.  

Poder Enterprise and Poder are published by Televisa Publishing and Page One Media is the company producing the content. 

Latin American expansion

In Latin America the magazine will continue to be called Poder.  It currently has national editions in Colombia, Chile and Mexico, and will be launching a magazine in Venezuela in August and another one in Peru and Argentina in September. Advertising in the new national editions will be sold locally out of each country and panregionally out of Miami.

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