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Periscope Reaches 10 Million Users as Livestreaming Grows Quickly


What: Twitter-owned app Periscope has reached 10 Million users who watch 21 million minutes a day.
Why it matters: Livestreaming appears to be growing quickly among consumers and Twitter seems to have a leading edge compared to other providers (e.g. Youtube) in that battle.

pfta069p_400x400Twitter-owned Periscope has revealed that it has reached more than 10 million users  in just four and a half months since the mobile livestreaming app was launched.

In a blog post, the company  noted that approximately 40 years worth of livestreaming footage is being watched every day on Periscope. That equates to 21 million minutes every 24 hours.

Periscope’s team spent more than 300 words explaining why it’s using “time watched” as its chief metric instead of daily average users or monthly average users:

“It’s most reflective of the value we’re creating for people and the world. Success for broadcasters means more time watched on their broadcasts. Success for the audience (viewers who are watching and participating in a Periscope) means more high quality broadcasts in their feeds that they want to watch and participate in. Success for broadcasters and their audience means success for Periscope.”

Periscope’s competitors in the  livestreaming app space include Meerkat, Hang w/, Beepcast and Eyetok, among other startups.The app has attracted a vast list of celebrity users like Jimmy Fallon, Tyra Banks and Al Roker.


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