During the Pay TV Forum presented by Business Bureau and Portada, discussion centered on the major issues of concern to the pay TV market in Latin America.

At the opening talk “Setting the stage”, Horacio Gennari, President of Business Bureau, presented the main features of the pay TV market in the region.  “Growth in the Latin American market is substantially different between regions and social classes,” he said.

Horacio Gennari, president of Business Bureau, during his presentation

“There are many ‘Latin Americas,’ said Gennari, meaning that data cannot be drawn from just one base.  “Latin America is a cultural mosaic,” he explained.

At the first panel, moderated by Marcos Baer, Publisher at Portada: “Behind the numbers: The perspective of companies that provide information,” executives discussed about the growth of the Latin American market and new ways to obtain metrics on pay TV.

The key point of discussion was the increasing relevance of cities located in the interior of Latin American countries, and not just the big cities like Buenos Aires or Mexico City.  In this sense, Tomas Gennari, Intelligence and Business Development Director for Business Bureau, noted that “Decision making in the Latin American Pay-TV market should not be based on methodologies that only track the great cities. There is a need to create methodologies that are based on the Latin American reality. Information is really relevant when data is available village by village. In addition, one can not only rely on the information provided by government and cable operators.”

Gonzalo Ramos Otero, Executive Director, Ceop Market Research and Tomas Gennari, Business Development Director, Business Bureau during the “research information producers” panel.

Meanwhile, Giovanni Rodriguez, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, had this to say during the first panel discussion on the role social networks play in the pay TV market:  “The rapid adoption of social networks in Latin America will create and democratize the opening of more channels in the region.”

During the second panel, titled “Show me the numbers: The business perspective,” it was reaffirmed that there is much potential for growth in rural areas, given the high penetration of pay TV in the cities.

According to the executives on the panel, 70% of consumers in Latin America are implementing new platforms.  Karina Besprosvan, Research & Consumer Behavior Regional Director at Omnicom Media Group, said: “We have a future ahead of us and we still don’t know it.”

With respect to piracy, Tomas Gennari questioned whether – in a market with 60% penetration in the region –  pay TV’s 31% share is a reflection of the illegal market for the service.  In overall numbers, piracy in the region currently stands at 40% and there is no available date for an estimated 17% of users.

Paula Guarín , Business Leader at Visa, emphasized that data is needed quickly and in real time given the high mobility conditions of the Latin American market.  “The information is available, but tools need to be integrated so that the information available is not from three months ago,” she noted.

Matias Berardi , Competitive Intelligence Manager, Pan American Region, for DIRECTV Latin America, added that “It’s crucial for DIRECTV to have an in-depth understanding of the Pay-TV market of each  Latin American country. Our clients and prospects live in many faraway places in these countries,  not only in the large cities.  In order to provide the best entertainment experience, we need to know and understand the requirements of each social class, age group and other demographic  data throughout  the region.”

Laura Berga , Director of Strategy & Analysis Programming at HBO Latin America, also agreed on the need for greater transparency and an effective way to regulate piracy.

Attendees during the Latam Pay-TV Forum

Check out the picture from the Pay-TV Forum

The 2013 Portada Latam Summit will take place in Miami on June 5-6, 2013


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