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Para Los Ninos: Launches Latino Site

Popular online retailer reaches out.


With a launch date slated for this September,’s Spanish language site will seek to reach the growing population of Hispanic mothers and their babies. At present, it is estimated that there are over 1 million Latino moms who are pregnant or in their first year of motherhood.

The BabyCenter en Español site will give these moms access to medically-advised, stage-based content and resources such as a pregnancy calendar, baby name finder and a rich community of their peers. “Our strategy is to provide targeted, culturally relevant content to expectant mothers and mothers in their first year of pregnancy,” says spokesman John Stross. “We hire local editors who are experts in the field to produce the content.”

Stross says that about 80% of content required is of universal interest to their readership, while 20% is unique to the particular culture or country, underscoring the importance of hiring contet producers from the population they aim to serve.”

The company is also launching a mobile effort in conjunction with the Spanish-language beta site, looking to capitalize on Hispanics’ above average use of mobile devices. “The mobile messaging is a great feature because it can deliver messages tailored to mothers based on where they are in their pregnancy or post pregnancy,” says Stross. He adds that they have an email system that delivers the same sort of targeted messaging.”

Johnson & Johnson, which owns, will be promoting the new site in its print ads and on BabyCenter’s general market website. en Español will be doing some keyword advertising through SEO; they will also be doing some banner advertising as well

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