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Providing the Quality Content You Deserve

Since the launch of Portada in 2003, we have made it a priority to focus our efforts on providing quality content to help professionals in Business and Media understand and reach the Latin consumer. Quality content, not just any content, is king. Our audience deserves breaking news, analysis and in-depth editorial features and research, not just a continuous stream of corporate press releases. This means investing in a qualified editorial team and state-of-the art digital media, conference and print platforms.

We have made many improvements to our digital media properties. Recently we deepened the relationship with our audience with the launch of our new "Portada Linked In Discussion Group Forum", a new platform for sharing Best Practices in Marketing to Hispanics, as well as other relevant issues to our industry. As you can see in this Q2 2011 issue, we have redesigned our print and digital magazine.
Readers will profit from the redesign through an easier navigation of our content.
In addition, the organization of much of our print content mirrors our regular features, daily news and analysis on www.portada-online.com.

As our 2010 CVC Audit and Readership Study shows, 97% of our audience of more than 90,000 professionals think that Portada provides high quality information about the Hispanic Market. Our editorial output is also very influential:
38. 5% of our readers changed business practices and 73.4% introduced new ideas. "Portada has done a great job educating marketers and the business community about the importance of the Hispanic marketplace through relevant editorial content and informative conferences," says our Editorial Board member Gonzalo del Fa, Managing Director MEC Bravo.

The high credibility our audience places in our products is also reflected in the very high response to advertising placed in Portada: 34.3% of our audience contacted an advertiser after reading one of our issues, while a third of our audience purchased a product or service.

Raising the Standard…

We at Portada are very proud to have substantially contributed to the professionalization of Hispanic B2B media. It is very easy to brag about one's offering without the support of an audit. It is far more difficult to invest in credible research like our 2010 CVC Audit and Readership Survey. The study shows that we have an audited reach of more than 90,000 professionals both in the U.S. general and Latin Marketing, Advertising and Media sectors. Almost 60% of them are C-Level executives and 80% are marketers and advertising agency professionals.

Our online reach of an average 20,000 unique users/month is second to none In our space. Any interested person can easily find this out by accessing sites such as Alexa and Compete.

…and contributing to the growth of the Hispanic market …

High quality information and credible research for industry professionals are also an excellent foundation for the growth of the Hispanic marketing and media sector. We are particularly proud of our new Editorial Board. We are very honored to have the support of this group of highly qualified marketing executives, whose input will greatly benefit our audience. We also thank them for their enthusiasm in being associated with us: "As the person responsible for both Media Strategy and Diversity Marketing for Volkswagen of America I find Portada content particularly useful," says Portada Editorial Board member Teresa Wakeley Advertising Media Manager at Volkswagen of America. "A great example can be found in the Q1 2011 issue of Portada in the article 'Spanish, English or Both? The crucial Question for Marketers and Media'. This topic addresses the important challenge brands face when determining the most effective mix of English and Spanish language advertising. I found it extremely interesting and useful information." Macy's Multicultural Director Kristyn Page adds: "Attending Portada's conferences has helped me by providing a soundboard of my peers for best practices and connected me to partners that have helped our business grow."

Most importantly, we want to thank our Sponsors and our Audience. Their loyalty and collaboration has been the foundation of of our growth for the past eight years and counting.