We just got confirmation from the following major marketers and experts who are going to speak at our Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum in New York City on Sept. 21:

• Ray Arvizu, President and CEO, Arvizu Advertising (Phoenix, AZ)

David Flynn, Marketing Director, Novamex

Violet Marrero. Manager of Special Projects at State of NJ.

Eduardo Perez Montalbetti, President, PMP Publicidad, (Atlanta, GA)

Martee Saldaña Pierson, Director of Diversity Programs, Liberty Tax Service

Laura Sonderup, Managing Director and Senior Strategist, Heinrich Hispanidad

Cesar Sroka,  Connections Director – WalMart account, MV42

José Vélez-Silva. Partner, Director of Client Services, at Global Works

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Themes we will be exploring:

• How to detect an Emerging Hispanic market: The example of North Carolina
• Focus on WalMart’s Strategy: WalMart’s Strategy towards Emerging Hispanic Markets

• Clients-Case Studies: The examples of New Jersey State and Liberty Tax Service
• Phoenix, Georgia and Colorado:  Marketing experts provide insider knowledge about opportunities and challenges in each of these markets.  How do they buy media and why?
• What can large national agencies learn from local agencies and the other way around?
Under the theme “Skyrocketing Consumer Power”, Portada’s Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum at New York City’s Scholastic Auditorum on Sept. 21 will explore how marketers and media can benefit by reaching Hispanics in markets outside of the top 5 Hispanic markets. These markets include Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas  and Utah.

The Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum will be followed in the same venue on Sept. 22 by Portada’s flagship Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference, an annual gathering of major decision makers in advertising, marketing and media from all over the United States.

Tickets are going fast. Register to the Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum, or buy a combo ticket to both events: The Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference (Sept. 22) and the Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum (Sept. 21).


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