• Volkswagen did a paid media campaign on Facebook to promote its World Cup related promotions, Teresa Wakeley, Marketing Media Manager at Volkswagen Group of America, explained. Read here about it.

Tania Cameron (Kraft) and Teresa Wakeley (VW)
Tania Cameron (Kraft) and Teresa Wakeley (VW)

  • In a very interesting panel on geotargeting, Julie Weitzner, VP of Media, at Razorfish described the developing market for data on consumers online behaviour. She also noted that with the expected 38 million tablets by 2014, the new price of the new Samsung tablet is expected to drop to close to US$ 200, the definition of mobile is changing to “portable”.
    Another interesting question Weitzner touched together with Paul Meyer, VP of Digital Media, Publicitas and Juan Jose Duran, General Manager of Televisa Interactive Media is why many advertisers don’t spend the extra money to develop banners specifically for each country IP. “ For example, if General Mills is promoting their food items will they spend the extra money to create a banner that says "Living in the USA and missing your favorite Mexican recipes, click here to see how we can help you".

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