During her presentation at Portada's Fourth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference Kristyn Page, Multicultural Marketing Director at Macy's, noted that she expects 20pc of Macy's customers to be Hispanic in 10 years time. Currently, 17 pc of the retailers customers are Hispanic. Page added that the Hispanic customer is very loyal in terms of Macy's.

Page also explained that it is crucial to understand the customer on a granular level and focus on what they actually buy. In terms of the media Macy’s uses to reach Hispanics Page noted that “TV is still King for national branding purposes”. Radio also plays an important role. The broadcast strategy is complemented with magazines, newspapers and digital media.

On a PR basis, Macy’s also has an interesting strategy with a new multicultural PR strategy handled by Latinvox. In addition, grassroots events play an important role: each major market has a Latina Coach which is present at these events.


Portada Staff

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