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Oscar Padilla Promoted to Lead Pulpo’s Digital Marketing Efforts


Pulpo, a Hispanic digital platform, and a business unit of Entravision Communications Corporation,  a diversified media company serving Latino audiences and communities, announced that it has promoted Oscar Padilla to Senior Vice President of Marketing, Digital Media & Insights. Padilla was previously the Vice President of Strategy for Entravision’s Luminar Insights, a “big data” analytics and modeling provider focused on delivering insights on U.S. Latino consumers. Padilla succeeds María Lopez-Knowles, who was recently promoted to Chief Marketing Officer of Entravision.

We conducted an interview with Padilla to ask him about his new position and his plans.

How are Pulpo and Luminar Insights aligned? Why is it that they have the same person to manage their marketing?
Oscar PadillaOscar Padilla, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Digital Media & Insights, Pulpo.:“Pulpo (#1 comScore ranked in both Hispanic Reach and Bicultural Audience Network) is a digital media company that offers analytical services powered by Luminar, and it’s essential that we drive one marketing message to advertisers interested in effectively targeting the online Hispanic, or (i)Hispanic market. The alignment of Pulpo and Luminar is a synergistic match in a media environment where data plays an increasingly critical role. Luminar enhances Pulpo’s ability to reach online Hispanic audiences across all acculturation levels and digital devices through its analytics and insights solutions. Today, many advertisers deploy campaigns with limited consumer knowledge and an incomplete picture of the marketplace. Pulpo can offer clients the ability to gain greater empirical knowledge of their target markets and consumers. We can address questions that will drive increased targeting precision and relevancy with consumers, which in turn delivers greater return on our customers’ media investment.”

What are your main objectives leading the marketing for both companies?
 “To communicate to the marketplace that Pulpo is a Hispanic digital media, data and consumer insights organization committed to both reaching and touching the online or (i)Hispanic market across acculturation levels and digital platforms. The result will benefit brands targeting the Hispanic market by offering a one-stop solution that leverages both Luminar’s offline transactional and behavioral data, and Pulpo’s extensive online expertise, ensuring a more holistic view of each (i)Hispanic consumer.We understand that Pulpo and Luminar primarily target the U.S. Hispanic market, but do they also target Latin America?Pulpo is already operating in Latin America and Spain. Pulpo opened a Mexico office last quarter and this office will serve as a hub to continue to grow our presence in LatAM.”

What place do Pulpo and Luminar have in Entravision Corporation overall?

O.P.:  “Entravision is a dynamic media company that provides an integrated platform of solutions, services and assets to connect marketers with the growing Latino consumer market. Through its diversified assets, Entravision reaches Hispanics across all screens making it unique in its ability to execute multimedia campaigns. Pulpo and Luminar bring extensive and complementary digital and analytical expertise to Entravision and will play a critical role in the continued growth and future success of the company.”


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