Orange Advertising Americas is launching a private Ad Exchange for the U.S. Hispanic market, Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO Orange Advertising Americas tells Portada. The name of the exchange is Orange Ad Market. “We are the first and so far the only Private Exchange fully dedicated to targeting US Hispanic audience using Real Time Bidding,” Stiglitz adds.   Stiglitz adds that in the near future Orange Advertising will also introduce a private ad exchange for Latin America.

The Technology provider for the new private exchange is Appnexus. Through a private exchange  Orange Advertising Americas guarantee its buyers premium supply and relevant inventory and adds value by providing layers of data. According to Stiglitz, “this is a carefully monitored environment where quality is key. This doesn’t mean that inventory will be cheap as we will carefully use floor pricing in order to help publishers maximize their revenue as they are trusting us with good quality inventory, but we will also make sure that buyers will find quality and value.”

The rationale
Asked about the rationale for the introduction of the new exchange exclusively targeting the U.S. Hispanic market, Stiglitz says that he believes that Orange, as a worldwide leader in online advertising has a big role to play in the new RTB (Real Time Bidding) and Exchanges Arena. “That is why we are introducing to the market the first U.S. Hispanic private exchange.  We are able to source relevant and premium inventory exclusively targeting US Hispanics and enable it for RTB”, says Stiglitz. “Other exchanges might claim to have US Hispanic audience but you have to look for it and also they cannot guarantee it. We only focus on adding publishers that are purely US Hispanic and offer premium inventory therefore we do all the ground work to vet supply and make sure it matches certain standards.”, concludes.

Trading Liquidity       
Answering the question on whether Orange will have enough trading liquidity (enough buyers and sellers of ad inventory). Stiglitz notes that Orange Ad market already has lots of publishers and lots of buyers interested.  So on one hand we give premium publishers access to additional demand
for their inventory and on the other we give agencies and client the possibility to bid in real time for the impressions they want based either on audience segmentation we can provide using data companies such as Lotame or
based on the cookies that the agencies or clients DSPs (Demand Service Providers) have already identified.”

Use of other Ad-Exchanges
Orange Advertising will stop using other Ad-Exchanges (like Yahoo’s Right Media): “From now on we will only use our own exchange for that part of our inventory which we intent to sell on an RTB basis. Our main business remains guaranteed buys of premium inventory. Despite the fast growth of RTB we still believe very much in the guaranteed model, Stiglitz concludes. 


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