ONLINE VIDEO ROUND UP: YouTube Launches Streaming Platform, AT&T to Roll Out 5G and More

A summary of the most exciting recent news in online video in the U.S., U.S.-Hispanic and Latin American markets. If you’re trying to keep up, consider this your one-stop shop.


AT&T is accelerating the roll out of its 5G wireless networks, amid an effort to drive sales and subscriber growth by cross-selling bundles that include a combination of wireless and video services.
Sporty Heroes announced the launch of its video-marketplace, where brands and media can discover real stories and co-create content with up-coming rising creator-athletes. With a freemium pay-as-you-go model, marketers can search and get videos from 400$ with unlimited legal rights.
YouTube said that a billion hours of video are being watched daily on the platform.

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YouTube also announced its own streaming TV service, which will mix live-streams of broadcast and cable television programming with online video from YouTube.

It was recently confirmed that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S8 at a Special New York Event on March 29 and Ship in April.

Netflix announced that it is using artificial intelligence techniques to analyze each shot in a video and compress it without affecting the image quality in order to reduce the amount of data consumed.


Marketing technology Headway has launched ScrollerAds for desktop and mobile in Latin America, which allows video and image-based ads to be inserted into the user experience without interrupting what they are reading.

The recent IMS Mobile in Latam Study by ComScore looked at smartphone and app use in the region and found that 56.1 percent of the LATAM population has internet connection, 93 percent connect via mobile and only 7 from a computer, and that Latinos spend an average of five hours a day connected.
Ecuador’s telecom authority released stats that claim that fewer than one in 100 people go online to watch video. Nonetheless, over 55.63% of Ecuadorians now have access to the Web, compared to 25% in 2008.

In a new report, Portada estimates that the Hispanic Online Video Ad market volume will climb to US $450 million by 2020. Particularly high growth is to be expected by branded content videos. Among video ad-tipes, in-stream will continue to have the largest share, although out-stream will grow at a higher rate.

In a recent interview with Reuters, the new head of Twitter in Brazil Fiamma Zarife claimed that “Brazil is a motor of growth for Twitter, both in users and in revenue,” supporting her argument with the claim that the country saw a 30 percent rise in ad revenue in the country.