In part one of our online advertising playbook we featured various examples of non-traditional advertising options. Here, we conclude this coverage, showing how to spice up the presentation of your online ads.

Homepage Corner Peelback: As its name suggests, this dynamic ad is displayed in the corner of the page and peels diagonally to reveal the advertiser’s messaging. There is sometimes the option to close the ad out altogether.

Pros: The ad is dynamic, grabbing the reader’s attention as it peels back. It is hard to miss, and minimally invasive as it does not take up the whole page.

Cons: Some older users might find this type of ad confusing/irritating and navigate away from the page.


Homepage Leaderboard: is a classic banner located at the top of the page, usually in the center of the page, and may include animated graffics. It is often combined with other types of advertising, such as the Homepage Corner Peelback or the Homepage Roadblock (See part I at bottom).

Pros: Prominently located at top of page—hard to miss.

Cons: Its central positioning can dilute the media property’s brand, as it usurps the space typically designated for the site’s logo.

Floating Ad: Drops down or appears over the text of the paper; oftentimes animated, though not necessarily taking up a square or rectangular space, disappearing after an established amount of time.

Pros: Eye-catching, while not obstructing a large amount of the page; goes away without reader having to do anything.

Cons: Could be considered distracting.


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