Online Advertising Campaigns: Southeast Toyota

Southeast Toyota, a car dealership, is going to target its audience via online vehicles.

“We received an RFP for this exciting campaign from Machado Garcia-Serra based here in Coral Gables, FL to assist their client Southeast Toyota in reaching online US Hispanics in three states, geo-targeted to the cities they serve,” says David Hoover, ad sales manager, for U.S. Hispanic and Latin America online division.

According to Hoover, Media Consulting Group is geo-targeting the US Hispanic market not only by the DMAs needed in the states of North Carolina, Florida and Georgia, but also by ethnicity of US Mexicans, US Puerto Ricans, US Peruvians, US Colombians and US Costa Ricans. “Hence there is a very focused and specific connection created between the audience and the online Hispanic over time by subgroup and region. During this time frame, the Southeast Toyota brand will be built and firmly established within these online DMAs with their respective Hispanic subgroups, thus providing the client with an online presence that can be maintained and refreshed over the course of their online US Hispanic strategy both now and in the future.”