On Wheels Media, which launched the first national consumer automotive media in the multicultural market in 1995, expands its expertise to other consumer categories this summer. In 2000, the company had launched Latinos On Wheels magazine.

Decisive, the source for Cultural and Consumer News, will do multicultural "Consumer Reports" and will introduce the latest in digital publishing technology. Decisive will be launched as a double cover issue with On Wheels' current auto titles on one side and the Decisive consumer titles on the other side. Editorial content will include how-to, tips, and product comparisons.

The print magazines will be published quarterly in both African-American and Latino versions. Each issue will provide culturally relevant consumer news and information to help consumers in the growing multicultural market make purchasing decisions about products and services. The redesigned web site will serve as a consumer news hub and provide daily content to major multicultural social networking, news sites, and search engines, as well as to our network of web partners and minority newspapers.

Decisive will continue to leverage On Wheels' model of targeted print distribution in zoned editions of daily newspapers, culturally specific community newspapers, online digital publications, and consumer-oriented web hubs. By broadening the consumer topics, On Wheels Media will provide more news and information of importance to its core audiences. hese include personal care and household products, technology and electronics, travel and entertainment, business and finance, Green living and fuel-efficient vehicles, along with health and fitness.

The goal of the expansion is to enable readers to be more "decisive" during these uncertain economic times. "You can count on us to be as thorough in those new areas as we have been and will continue to be in the automotive arena," said Lyndon Conrad Bell, editor-in-chief of On Wheels Media. "Just as we were when our readers found us, we remain absolutely focused on making sure they have the best information available."

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