nTrigue’s Keisha Andrews: “Media has changed due to digital media and how multicultural consumers self-identify”

LatinWorks, a full-service cultural branding firm that belongs to the Publicis-Omnicom network, announced the launch of nTrigue, a new strategic business unit designed to expand upon the firm’s media planning and buying operations. nTrigue begun operations last week on April 15th, 2014. It will be spearheaded by Keisha Andrews-Rangel in the role of Managing Director. Rangel joined LatinWorks in 2004 and has served as Vice President of Media Strategy, growing the practice to $100 million in media billings during her nine-year tenure. Initially, nTrique will be handling Latinworks accounts such as RadioShack and Domino’s Pizza but Andrews tells Portada that she is working on several pitches for new clients.

Portada: What is going to change compared to having a media unit within LatinWorks?

Keisha Andrews, Managing Director, nTrique

Keisha Andrews Rangel, Managing Director, nTrigue.: “Creating nTrigue as its own strategic business unit will allow our mindset-based approach to communications planning and buying become an offering that is available for other partner agencies within the Publicis-Omnicom network. And, it will allow us to pursue business opportunities from a media perspective that might otherwise be a conflict for LatinWorks on the Strategy and/or Creative side. Ultimately, we are excited by the biggest opportunity of driving thought-leadership in the cross-cultural consumer media landscape. We have already made great strides in the area of thought leadership through the development of 2 new proprietary tools that we are actively merchandising to clients.”

Is Latinworks not going to do media buying or planning any more and focus on creative?
K.A. R.: “LatinWorks will continue to focus on leading clients as cultural branding experts through Strategic and Creative agency offerings. nTrigue will collaborate and partner with LatinWorks to service clients whose needs are full-service and include strategy, creative and media.”

How has media planning and buying changed over the last 10 years since you joined LatinWorks?
K.A. R.: “The biggest change has been the increasing level of complexity in helping brands truly engage with consumers and drive them to take action. This has been driven by two primary factors: First, the proliferation of digital media platforms and their impact on consumer consumption habits, and , second, the evolution how multicultural consumers self-identify, and being able to reach them through an effective combination of being in the right touchpoint, at the right time, in the right content.”

What clients will you be starting to work with?
K.A. R.: “In the short term, our existing media clients will remain with LatinWorks and continue to receive the same outstanding service and work with the same talent they have come to know and trust. However, we are thrilled that nTrigue is currently in the midst of 4 new business pitch opportunities, so we hope to have several client announcements this year.”

Is nTrigue going to work on a DSP or DMP sort of platform? Does Omnicom have a programmatic platform that is also geared towards the Hispanic market? 
K.A. R.: “We have found great success in partnering with some programmatic partners that are currently in the market. While we currently do not have our own trading desk, this doesn’t mean we won’t be exploring one in the near future or even the potential for one that includes information that can help us deploy tactics more effectively to engage cross-cultural consumers, across all ethnicities.”