Nobox Chief Creative Officer Marcus Kawamura Drives Brands’ Consumer Engagement With Big Ideas

What: Miami-based agency Nobox has tapped Marcus Kawamura as Chief Creative Officer to drive brands’ engagement with consumers by generating big ideas and delivering them on multiple platforms.
Why it matters: Rapidly shifting technology requires brands to speak with consumers on multiple platforms, but Kawamura says engaging consumers requires deep brand understanding, big ideas, and the ability to entertain and react quickly to opportunities.

Nobox has been helping brands deliver their messaging to consumers since 2001. Founder Jayson Fittipaldi has stewarded the agency into the digital age, from email marketing to online video, social media and beyond. Now Nobox is ready to expand its “digital first” expertise with a focus on mid-sized companies in the US, helping CMO’s struggling to juggle content and creative with the demands of the myriad of technology platforms available for reaching consumers.

Portada caught up with Fittipaldi and newly appointed Chief Creative Officer Marcus Kawamura to discuss their insights into the maelstrom of digital opportunities for delivering brands’ connections with consumers and how the agency is positioning itself to add US clients to its impressive portfolio of international brands in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Portada: What’s Nobox’s unique perspective on the marketing landscape today?

Jayson Fittipaldi: It’s not all about interrupting what people are doing with your brand message. It’s about becoming what they are doing. The brand becomes the reason for the consumer to be online and entertained. The engagement value of what we do is always very high. The content we put out there is not going to take you away from your Instagram experience, it’s going to be part of the reason you are on Instagram. We shape ourselves to be that nimble. What Nobox is looking to do now is to link our digital and content expertise to ensure that the big ideas we develop for brands work across all platforms. Marcus is going to provide the big ideas that will serve as each brand’s foundation for its messaging across all platforms. With this new role, Marcus will take over creative leadership of the agency, something I have been responsible for since the agency’s inception in 2001.

Portada: Marcus, tell us about your background and your strategic goals for Nobox.

Marcus Kawamura: Originally from Sao Paulo, I’ve spent 20 years working at top creative agencies in Brazil such as AlmapBBDO, working on global accounts such as Volkswagen and Visa. I moved to the US in 2015 to work for Crispin Porter Bogusky (CPB) to work on the automobile brand Infiniti as its Global Creative Director and then in 2017 as Executive Creative Director at CPB Miami office to handle Letgo – the online second-hand marketplace app company, Aspen Dental, Embraer and Bauducco. My goal for Nobox is to use profound knowledge of our brands, from the inside out, to create big ideas for stunning work no matter what channel it’s delivered on. We are all content creators. It doesn’t matter what the channel. You have to reach the consumer as efficiently as you can.

Portada: What makes marketing different today, than say it was when we only had access to traditional media?

Marcus Kawamura: Brand messaging to consumers was traditionally one way. That’s totally changed. Today you have to engage and interact with consumers, and be ready to react to how they respond. You have to be tuned into not only how consumers receive brand messaging, but how they reply. It requires a dynamic approach and you have to be fast to react. It requires flexibility, agility and efficiency. The two-way interaction that brands have to engage in today has created a fluid and agile relationship between us as the agency and the brand, transforming the entire way we do creative. It has to be faster, more reliable and we need to apply an entrepreneurial quality to all of our work.

Portada: What’s Nobox got its sights on for 2019?

 Jayson Fittipaldi: We have a well-established portfolio of major brands, including Marriott, Gatorade, PlayStation, Sheraton, PepsiCo, Netflix and Memorial Health. We’re looking to focus on mid-sized brands in the US. CMOs at mid-sized brands are struggling to keep up, juggling the media buy with social content and how to work under one cohesive strategy. We work to understand the brand from the inside out so we can provide a strategic road map on what we think the big idea can be, and deliver the content on different platforms. We manage the complexity and make it easier for the client to navigate.