Nielsen Stages Telenovela

Famed TV and digital media research company Nielsen has made an interesting overture toward the Hispanic market in developing a stage show version in the popular telenovela format, to promote its TV ratings boxes to Hispanic households.

At various times in the company’s past, it has been accused of under-representing Hispanic households, an allegation it adamantly denies.

The stage show is called—get this: “The Nielsen Telenovela.” Sounds riveting, no? The company is staging performances of the show around the Chicago area, one of the preeminent Hispanic markets, with approximately 30% of its population self-identifying as Hispanic.

The basic aim of the show is to raise Hispanic awareness and receptiveness of the Nielsen People Meter, the set-top device that catalogs people’s TV watching habits. Since many Hispanics are not familiar with the company and are therefore understandably leery of having one of their boxes installed in their homes, Nielsen thought that the Telenovela stage show would be a great way to break the ice, as it were.

Time will tell whether this initiative turns out to be a successful endeavor or, well, a stage-flop.

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