NII Holdings, operating under the Nextel brand in Latin America, today announced the launch of a new brand identity across the region, which includes a new logo, tagline and graphic design (photo).

The new brand identity will be launched today in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Chile. In the opening bell ceremony for the NASDAQ Stock Market on September 21, the new logo will be unveiled in the US as well.

The new logo will unify the brand identity and enhance brand recognition across all five of the company's markets and is designed to appeal to NII's current customers while attracting new customers in support of the company's growth strategy.

"The Nextel brand stands for superior quality and customer service across our markets, especially among businesses," said Steve Dussek, NII's chief executive officer. "It is the right time to refresh our brand identity with a new logo and brand strategy that better reflects our focus on connecting our customers and their world, not only in the workplace but wherever they are and whenever they need it," he added.

"The new slogan, 'Your world. Now' ('Tu mundo. Ahora' in Spanish and 'Seu mundo. Agora' in Portuguese) builds on the brand's existing business focus while emphasizing the relevance for personal as well as business use," said Greg Santoro, NII's executive vice president and chief marketing and strategy officer."

Our new visual identity uses connectors derived from the 'x' in the company's new logo that are meant to join ideas and focus attention. They express the professional and personal nature of our network and provide tremendous flexibility to deliver our message to customers while maintaining a clearly recognizable visual language that expresses how the brand connects customers to what's important to them," Santoro said.

Orange was selected as the dominant color for the new logo for its freshness and appeal, while a proprietary font was chosen to lend a contemporary feel. The NII Holdings, Inc. logo will change its design and color to coordinate better with the new Nextel brand graphic identity that will be used in the company's markets.

The introduction of a unified logo, tagline and graphic design across NII's markets in Latin America is expected to improve customer recognition and loyalty.

"With the implementation of our new brand strategy consistently across our markets, we are signaling that 'Nextel' is a truly regional brand while preserving the flexibility for the teams in each of our markets to manage their marketing strategy and business in response to local market conditions," said Dussek. "But the new Nextel brand image is not a simple cosmetic change: it lays the groundwork for the next steps in the company's business evolution, better reflecting NII's focus on four key strategies: building new networks, adding new products, opening new channels and targeting a wider audience."

The new brand identity will be rolled out in a phased approach and will be supported by marketing initiatives including events, media relations and an intensive advertising campaign that includes TV, digital, out-of-home and a mix of media per market. Key retail environments in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima, and Santiago were transformed over the past few days.

This transformation includes not only the new brand identity but also unveils a new store layout designed to enhance and streamline customers' sales and service interactions and to position the company to showcase it's expanding set of product and service offerings.

Packaging, website and promotional materials reflecting the new brand identity will also be launched today and over the next few weeks. Other components of the company's effort to improve its customers' experience will include the introduction of self-service tools, automated payments, and other products and services to appeal to the brand's expanded target audience. The transformation of the remaining retail outlets is expected to be implemented across the company's markets in coming months.


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