Newswires Cater to Content Hungry Spanish-language Websites

December 18, 2006

Newswires Cater to Content Hungry Spanish-language Websites

Increasingly, large Spanish-language sites like AOL Latino, MSN Latino, Yahoo! en Español, and others are relying on newswires to fill their content needs. “These larger websites need immediate information delivered directly to their channels. Most of this content is accompanied by a photo or other rich media, such as audio or video features,” says Rafael Carranza, sub-director of sales North America for Efe.

And newspaper websites aren't being left out if the action either. For many newspapers, the website is a relationship-building forum, where they can engage their readers with interactive features and online promotions, as well as with news from a user's home country. Since many smaller publications' websites do not have their own editorial teams, the newswire-provided content can help to serve this purpose.

While a paper's staff might focus more on local content through the print product, a website featuring recent newswire content from a host of Latin countries can connect with its readers on a different level. “Many U.S. Hispanics want to be connected with what is happening in Latin America, so Internet is a very accessible option to know what is happening on a daily basis in their country,” says Carranza.

Newspapers like La Opinion (Impremedia, Los Angeles, 122,000, Daily, Spanish), Siete Dias (TV Net Productions, Tampa, Circ. 30,000, weekly,Spanish), Hoy (Tribune, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, circ. varies per city, Daily, Spanish) and Al Dia (Belo Corp. Dallas/Ft. Worth, 50,000, Daily, Spanish) are all taking advantage of newswires' internetservices, and are interested inincorporating some of the more advancedrich media servicesthat the larger websites are using.

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