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NEWS ABOUT US: Top Marketing Executives join Portada’s Editorial Board

We are very proud to announce that the following executives are joining our new Editorial Board...


We are very proud to announce  that the following executives are joining our new Editorial Board:

Dawn Marie Gray, Senior Manager Multicultural Markerting, CVS.

Gonzalo Del Fa, MEC Managing Director, MEC Bravo.

Kristyn Page, Director of Multicultural Marketing, Macy’s Inc.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Director, General Mills.

Teresa Wakeley, Marketing Media and Diversity Manager, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

“We are honored to have this group of highly qualified marketing executives joining our new Editorial Board. They will provide very valuable input to our Editorial Team”, says Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada.

Portada’s Editorial Team which reaches an audited audience of more than 90,000 highly qualified professionals over online, print and conference vehicles.

 “As the person responsible for both Media Strategy and Diversity Marketing for Volkswagen of America I find Portada content particularly useful”, says Portada Editorial Board member Teresa Wakeley.

“A great example can be found in the current issue of Portada ––in the article 'Spanish, English or Both? The crucial Question for Marketers and Media'. This topic addresses the important challenge brands face when determining the most effective mix of English and Spanish language advertising. I found it extremely interesting and useful information.”


2011 Conferences

Editorial Board Members will also attend Portada’s 2011 Conferences. The Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference will take place on September 21, 2011. The Conference tagline is "Marketing to Hispanics: Taking the CMO's Driver Seat"

Researchers, Marketers and CMO’s will explain why connecting with the Hispanic consumer is key to Corporate America's growth. "Census 2010 will finally make some marketers open their eyes. Even though many companies have already changed the way they approach their businesses, many other ones need to realize that it is not about Marketing to Hispanics anymore, but to have an integrated marketing strategy. Portada has done a great job in that respect educating marketers and the business community about the importance of the Hispanic marketplace through relevant editorial content and informative conferences”, says Portada Editorial Board member Gonzalo del Fa,

Macy’s Kristyn Page adds: “Attending Portada's conferences has helped me by providing a soundboard of my peers for best practices and connected me to partners that have helped our business grow."

The Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference can be attended in combination with Portada’s Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum, which will take place the day before (Sept. 21, 2011). The Forum will bring together major NYC and North East based clients and agencies with media executives and agencies that have a strong presence in fast growing areas that are not part of the top 5 Hispanic markets.


To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please call Marcos Baer, publisher, at 212- 685 44-41 or Bob Oliva, Business Development Director at 305-546-15-15.

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