New York Times Launches Edition for Spanish-Speaking World

What: The New York Times has launched a Spanish-language Web site to expand its reach in Spanish-speaking markets.The web site will include articles translated from English into Spanish as well as content from a team of journalists in Mexico City.
Why it matters: But for a few print editions inserted in Latin American newspapers, the New York Times had not made major digital forays into the Spanish-speaking world. It will be interesting to see if the new product gets traction, particularly in the U.S. Hispanic market.

photo by Scott Beale

In 2012 we reported about the launch of the Portuguese, mostly Brazil targeted digital edition of the New York Times. At the time, Times executive noted that a Spanish-language edition was 5 to 10 years away. Well, only four years later, the New York Times has launched a Spanish-language Web site, a new platform for expanding its scoop in the Spanish-speaking market. The site is free and the bet is to grow the business via digital advertising sales.

Most of the content of the new edition of the Spanish-language edition is originally written in English by New York Times Latin American correspondent and translated to Spanish.In addition, The New York Times en Español(, which launched on Feb. 8 and in time for Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico, is supported by a team of Latin American journalists based in Mexico City. In addition, the site will incorporate the work of Times correspondents in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Miami. It will be optimized for mobile browsing.

The New York Times en Español is supported by a team of Latin American journalists based in Mexico City.

As Times’ digital subscribers keep growing (around 1.1 million,) the newspaper aims to increase digital subscribers to boost digital revenue, which stood at US$400 million in 2014. Even though so far the new Spanish site is free, with the potential for new advertising, the NYT Times could convert some of its users into paid subscribers of

On its first day, The Spanish – English web site was running a story on the hazardous journey of Central American migrants who try to reach the United States, some articles on the Zika virus from Brazil and on politics in Peru and Venezuela.

The launch of the Spanish-language digital edition also reflects the New York Times objective to increase digital revenue. 

Last Thursday during a call with financial analysts, Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times Co., noted that “although our digital revenues are growing strongly, we continue to feel the impact of declines in parts of our print business,” he added. “That means the company must continue to carefully manage its costs.”

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