Providing daily news, success stories, expert advice, research and networking resources, the newly-launched website seeks to aid Latino entrepreneurs and businesses with timely, relevant information.
The website focuses on success stories and emerging trends to illustrate the opportunities that await hard-working and inventive Latino businesspeople. also features interactive features such as a community section that allows users to communicate with one another and share insights.
The website has partnered with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and provides a space for other Hispanic chambers of commerce and various trade groups to advertise their services. has specific channels devoted to entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, market research and career planning. While the site is geared toward Latin Business, CEO Abel Magana says that the scope of the site also overlaps with the broader business community:” Latino business culture has quietly become a defining characteristic of the U.S. economy," said Magana. "We have seen the Latinization of U.S. culture in food and entertainment. Now it’s time for business.”

Portada Staff

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