What?  Nielsen’s “Latino Essence”, is a new 360 campaign focused on the Hispanic consumer. The campaign was developed by Latin3.
Why it matters? This campaign is completely focused on the Hispanic consumer and uses a multimedia approach. Nielsen heavily uses online videos to reach out to Hispanics.

Latin3 has developed a multi-media campaign for Nielsen under the concept “You matter”, the landing page portraits the Latin essence through testimonial videos that talk about the tastes and habits of the Hispanic community, the challenges they face and their personal projects. The goal of the Nielsen campaign is to introduce Nielsen within the community, in order to achieve a closer relationship, greater recognition and, thus, a better predisposition on their members to participate in Nielsen’s market surveys. You can see the actions in the website here:

Latin3 was in charge of the media planning and buying and the creative actions as it is Nielsen’s AOR for the Hispanic market.

The campaign was launched in August 2013 and will be active until the end of January this year.


  • Digital: the campaign microsite reached 40K unique page views in 3 months (from August to October).The average Time spent was of (5:04) last August. Three minutes above in comparison to August 2012 result (2:04).
  • OOH Billboard, Bus Poster & Bus Shelters: Within  a one month period ,  Nielsen received an estimated 4.1 million EOI for the OOH campaign.
  • Print Media: Newspaper LA,Over 139K impressions based on the average daily circulation of the La Opinion newspaper, 2 insertions per month.
  • Radio: Radio LA over an 8 week period KLVE-FM Los Angeles (8 weeks) Nielsen received  an estimated 2.8 million gross impressions.

With the message “My Latin essence makes me unique,” the project staged the enormous influence of the Latino community in the United States. The tastes and preferences of Hispanic consumers contribute to build brands in a relevant way. This explains why a project like “Latino essence” is so important: in it, the main characters decide to engage with a brand like Nielsen and agree to participate in their studies.

“We are proud to have been chosen to help Nielsen understand and connect with American Latinos to build a significant relationship that would let Nielsen, Latinos, and the advertising industry as a whole grow closer than ever before”, said Matias Perel, Latin3’ CEO.

Latin3 featured a campaign’s video, to share what it is said here in an interactive and visual way:




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