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Mundo Latino Catalog MOBs, Poder Magazine Master File, Latinos on the Move...


  • Mundo Latino Catalog MOBs

Description: Spanish-speaking mail-order buyers with buying power. They spend an average of US $100 on products including health and beauty aids, electronic gadgets, religious and cartoon videos, toys, perfumes, lingerie and jewelry. 65% are female.

Of interest to: Catalog mailers, publishers, credit card issuers and fundraisers.

Quantity: 6,782 MOB's

Contact: 21st Century Marketing

Tel: 631-293-8550,

  • Poder Magazine Master File

Description: Subscribers to Poder Magazine which provides the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic business elite the information and analysis about business, economic and social trends required to make critical decisions. Top management and senior executives.

Of Interest to: Publishers, high-end credit card issuers, fundraisers.

Quantity: 59,236

Contact: Merit Direct. Tel: 914 368 1069

  • Latinos on the Move

Description: Hispanic new movers who are buying products and services for their new living space. 66% are male.

Of Interest to: Catalog mailers. Home improvement category.

Quantity: 791,586 last 12 months

Contact: 21st Century Marketing

Tel: 631-293-8550,

  • Lifestyle's Hispanic Females in Charge

Description: Hispanic female head's of household who make purchasing decisions and use credit cards.

Of interest to: All types of catalog mailers: including travel, financial, credit insurance, household, music-and beauty and cosmetic offers.

Quantity: 417,049 total, e-mail addresses, age, income

Contact: Lifestyle Change Communications, Tel: 800 411 5775

  • HealthsaludUSA's Hispanic Household Database

Description: Hispanic Households from HealthSaludUSA. HealthSalud aims to bring these households access to mainstream healthcare products and services via a reach/educate/influence operating model.

Of interest to: Health care service providers

Quantity: 9.87 million universe

Contact: ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Tel: 201/865-5800

  • Tabak's Spanish Buyers & Respondents

Description: Spanish-speaking consumers who responded to Spanish-language direct mail promotions. They are willing to spend on nutritional supplements and other health-oriented products.
Of interest to: Health and fitness related offers, general merchandise, apparel, fundraising and gifts.

Quantity: 23,586


21st Century Marketing

Tel: 631-293-8550,

  • Shape en Español

Description: Subscribers to Shape en español, a Spanish-language active lifestyle womans magazines. Active lifestyle Hispanic women who have an active lifestyle. Median age is 31, and the median household income is US $60,285.

Of interest to: Beauty/health product marketers.

Quantity: 7,645

Contact: ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Tel: 201/865-5800

  • SBC Hispanic New Mover (Insert Media program)

Description: The SBC Hispanic New Mover program lets direct marketers and retailers reach Hispanic new movers within days of their move to a new home. It delivers 1 million directories to Hispanic new movers within a week of a new phone line installation. Advertising pieces or product samples ride with the SBC Yellow Pages Directory.

Of interest to: General merchandisers, Home improvement category

Quantity: 1 million

Contact: Response Media Products,

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