• Estee Marketing Group recently introduced Daily Devotional Words of Wisdom

Subscribers (257,186   month universe subscribers) are signing up at one of the most popular devotional websites so that they can receive devotional thoughts for the day, prayers and bible verses. The subscribers are available for telemarketing as well as email campaigns. In addition, the Me Gusta Leer (3.4 million subscribers) are reading publications that specifically cater to their lifestyles and their cultures.

  • Trinity Direct introduced the The Printery House Hispanic Buyers. This file contains Hispanic buyers of Catholic and Christian themed gifts from the Printery House catalog. This file contains Hispanic 4.585 buyers of Catholic and Christian themed gifts from the Printery House catalog.

(For an article on Religious Fundraising: Direct Mail Offers read: Non-profits: Religious organizations: Religious fundraisers know how it’s done).

  • Direct Innovations publicized 2,079 Hispanic Biz Digest Active Newsletter Subscribers. This file contains subscribers of Hispanic Biz Digest, which focuses on news and information for Hispanic business owners and managers. This list is 94% male and earns an average of $57,000.

  • For other recently published lists of Hispanic consumers see the table below.

New Lists On the Block….





La Palabra Diaria Daily Word  

Spanish Speaking Active Subscribers



Hispanic Enterprise Magazine

Last 12 Month Subscribers



Mexico City Live  

Spanish Language Mexican Newspaper Subscribers



Frank Cawood and Associates Spanish Speaking Buyers

24 Mo Paid US Buyers; Spanish speaking



Capuchin Province of St Mary Spanish Language

Spanish Language 12 Month $5+ Donors



Salesian Missions Spanish Speaking Donors

 12 Month Spanish-Speaking Donors



Hispanic American Perfect Prospects (e-mail)

Hispanic American consumers who earn more than $50,000

2.5 mill

Starting at $95

Daily Devotional Words of Wisdom





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