NBC launches site Targeting English-Dominant Latinos: Aren’t there enough sites?

NBC is launching the latest in a slew of new English-language Latino online news sites, the Associated Press reports.

The managing editor of NBCLatino.com, Chris Pena, says the site will launch in early 2012 but did not give a specific date. For now, Pena says the new site will leverage NBC Universal’s resources, including those of its Spanish-language network Telemundo. It will focus on the U.S. Hispanic community. Telemundo’s rival, Spanish-language giant Univision already has a similar English-language news site and Facebook page. Last year, Fox News unveiled its online Fox News Latino. And The Huffington Post recently launched Huffpost LatinoVoices.

The new sites have sprung up as the latest census numbers show U.S. born natives have surpassed immigrants as the fastest growing Hispanic community.

Only last week, Hearst announced the launch of Cosmopolitan Latina, a bi-annual magazine and website targeting English-dominant Hispanics that will publish 545,000 copies and will be made available in states like Texas, California, Florida and New York, which have large Latino populations.  

An increasing number of properties is targeting the English-dominant Hispanic. They include NuovoTV, MTV3rs and web properties such as FoxNewslatino.com and more niche oriented sites such as guanabee.comHispanicallyspeakingnews.com and Voxxi.